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    Wedding Day PicSontri & Glenn are a husband and wife team who found a passion for capturing & sharing special moments with family and friends through creative Photography, Videography, and Photobooth Services.

    Sontri has taken her personal creative party planning and decorating skills to the public. Applying years of experience crafting party themes for friends and family, she has applied her love for design and creative photography to provide full service celebration coordination & designing with an eye for personalization and unique one-of-a-kind party atmospheres. Her knack for creating those special touches also show through in her photography.  With a flare for the dramatic, Sontri loves to focus on the moment and how you’ll feel when you see the photos. Combined with those special details she strives to create that warm feeling you get when you remember a favorite moment – all captured on film.

    Glenn uses his many years of experience as a semi-pro musician to integrate both the visual and audio aspects of a special event. The foundation of his video work begins with the “soundtrack” of the moment, using the music to pull the emotions into focus and giving way to visual interpretation. He’s often been quoted as saying, “I see what I hear and I hear what I see. When I spot a special moment visually, in my mind I immediately begin hearing/thinking of a soundtrack to go along with it. The inverse is also true, when I hear a great piece of music, my mind is already picturing a scene to go with it.”

    Together, this husband and wife team dedicate their time to capturing your special moment for a lifetime of enjoyment.


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